About Us

About US

As the main driving force behind the company, Harry Vandenberg first began selling hay from his family farm in the early 1980’s. Harry started trucking alfalfa and straw products to more local end users. As the demand for products was expanding to greater distances, Vandenberg Hay Farms started shipping into southern BC, northern AB, and Montana. Since the company was incorporated in 1995, Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. has grown to serve a larger customer base in several provinces and states.

Over the years, Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. has diversified and expanded in the industry. In 2015, we celebrated our 35th anniversary and are looking forward to continued success in the agricultural sector.

Core Values

Vision Statement

By delivering high quality products to our customers, Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. not only provides trucking, forages, freight, and custom harvesting but also offers valuable information on the various products we sell in the agricultural industry. Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is your supplier for all your varieties of forage, feed, top knot baler twine, netwrap and hay preservative.

Mission Statement

Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. strives to deliver the best quality of products with professional customer service and commitment.

 “Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is committed to the success and satisfaction of each farmer we serve- from the producer to the end consumer. Our team strives to ensure the product being delivered to the consumer will meet the needs and quality expectations of the customer.”

We are Professional. We provide accurate, high quality services with a respectful attitude.

We are Committed. We believe in the long term success of our customers, hay growers and the farming industry.