Dairy Hay Bales

Hay and Straw

Hay is a generic term for grass or legumes that have been cut, dried, and stored for use as animal feed. There are many different varieties of hay, from pure products to various mixes of alfalfa and grasses.

500-440 knot strength BALPAQ baler twine

Twine and Net Wrap

Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is committed to the success and satisfaction of each customer we serve; from the producer to the end consumer. Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is happy to introduce Balpaq twine and netwrap as a solid solution for the agricultural industry.


Hay Solution

In Alberta, we have a very short window for harvesting our precious crops of alfalfa or timothy. Either the dew sets in to soon or the forecaster tells us there is more moisture coming. Every hay grower will recognize this as a very tense time to decide what is right. The question becomes to bale or not to bale. Over one-half of baled hay produced is damaged by not hitting the proper moisture level when baling. The damage is due to baling when it is too wet. We now can introduce our new product, which allows baling hours to be extended by allowing higher moisture contents without the hay heating or spoiling. This excellent solution which extends your baling time is known as Hay Solution. It is a great product made in Canada and approved for exporting hay to oversea markets. The great news is that it works and is used by a large number of hay growers already all over Canada.