Krone Big X Delivery


Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is a logistic company that provides a wide range of flat deck trailer services operating across Western Canada as well as Washington, Idaho and Montana. Our trailer fleet includes  super “B”s, step deck super “B”s, triaxle, hydraulic pushoff and a hydraulic RGN.

We haul all types of hay and straw, general deck freight, lumber, rigmats, as well as agricultural and construction equipment. With a large fleet of heavy haulage trucks, backed by a dedicated team of drivers, Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. has the capability to serve your flat deck hauling needs from LTL pieces to heavy hauler, multi-load contracts.


Big M Cutter

Custom Operations

Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. has a complete line of custom work equipment to harvest your alfalfa, timothy, or any type of legume field. We offer vertical tilling, cutting, tedding, raking, baling and stacking.

We also offer trucking to your shed, or we can custom store it for you. This will protect your valuable crop from weather damage. You can choose between small, medium, or large size square bales. We have preservative applicators to lengthen the baling time and/or speed up the harvesting days.

Fertilizer Storage

Custom Storage

Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. offers custom hay storage in and out. Our pricing includes handling the hay with competitive rates. Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. pays careful attention to ensure all of its products are stored properly. The products are shedded to keep the weather out to reduce bleaching of the stack and to maximize hay quality all year round. Efforts are made to deliver a top quality product. A larger variety of products can be stored such as bulk fertilizer and palleted goods.