Baler Twine and Netwrap

Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is committed to the success and satisfaction of each customer we serve; from the producer to the end consumer. Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is happy to introduce Balpaq twine and netwrap as a solid solution for the agricultural industry.

These twines are the answer to the need of the new generation of HD Big Balers, as they are produced to perform for the increased demand of knot strength. The improved softness results from new fibrillation techniques and provides the highest grip as well as knot stability.
For high density bales, Balpaq 600 or Balpaq 550 has a combination of strength and softness in order to provide a stronger knot under all baling conditions. This offers the best solution between knot resistance and profitability per bale.

As well-balanced twines, Balpaq 500 or Balpaq 440 has a combination of features that makes them the logical option for the market of bigger pack bales. With a universal use and an improved knot performance, these twines are excellent performers.
The ultimate choice of twines for all conventional balers. The softest twines available for small square bales, making them ideal for baling alfalfa, timothy, straw, or any other field crop.

Balpaq 110 is suitable for all round bales, with the supreme combination of strength and length. This great product is always reliable with top performance.

Netwrap has a combination of advanced polymer technology which is achieved during the production process. Additional benefits and features on this netwrap include stronger chains and higher tensile strength.


  • UV Protection
  • Roll Loading Assistance
  • End of Roll Warning


  • Core Winding
  • Net Resistance Control

Available in the following dimensions:48" x 9840', 64" x 7000', 64" x 9000', 67" x 7000', 67" x 9000'